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President Bob Engelman’s report in the April, 2018, edition of rupanews caused me to reflect on my time at Continental as well as at United. I was a 570, so I was on strike from both airlines in May-June of 1985. I ultimately resigned from Continental in December of 1985 when the strike, there, officially ended. That summer Marty Esperison, the Air Line Pilot editor, asked me to write a history of the Continental strike to that date. It appeared in the October issue, see attached. I’ve included the original publication as well as a text of the article. The article went on to receive a first place national journalism award, see attached. For a little historical perspective on yours truly, I was a Navy carrier pilot; after eight years, I went on to Texas International, TXI, and Continental, CAL, and thence to United, UAL. I was vice chairman of TXI Council 85, vice chairman of the TXI MEC, vice chairman of CAL Council 49, chairman of the Corporate Campaign Committee against New York Air, CAL/MEC Communications Committee Chairman, member of the Merger Committee with TXI/CAL, Second Officer Representative of UAL Council 27, vice chairman of the UAL MEC, member of the UAL System Board of Adjustment, Council 27 Grievance Chairman, and Council 27 Communications Committee Chairman. I retired as a United B-747-400 captain two and one-half years early in 2012.


The article is a bit long for inclusion in rupanews, but it’s yours to use for its historical perspective if you choose.


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Gerry Baldwin



PS As a member of the merger committee, I was called to be an expert witness in a case brought by five CAL scabs who petitioned the court for better seniority numbers. One of Lorenzo’s lawyers looked up at me after reading my article and asked, “When.” I knew that she wanted to know when Lorenzo’s empire would fall. I responded, “Five years.” That was when his new debt issues were due. It was almost exactly five years later when Swiss Air executives arrived at Texas Air Corporation to join its board after taking a large stake in the company. They ousted Lorenzo within a week.


PPS The scabs lost their case.