About RUPA

Retired United Pilots Association

Photo of 1960s United Airlines Boeing 727


How it started

The Retired United Pilots Association was organized in October 1963 by several pioneer UAL pilots who wanted an opportunity to keep in touch with old friends and get better acquainted with other past UAL pilots.

RUPA history photo


What we do

Primarily a social and recreational organization, we encourage and promote the camaraderie we enjoyed while flying the line, through local lunches, picnics, BBQs, cruises, conventions, and other get-togethers.


Member Benefits


You will receive the RUPANEWS, the monthly magazine that keeps members informed about issues that may affect them, their families, and their retirement. Mailed to all active members, the magazine is a wonderful way to stay informed about the activities of friends and the many RUPA events held across the country. Members will receive periodic E-Blasts to quickly notify you of time critical issues such as travel policy or medical changes!

Photo of United Plane


Staying in touch

Local RUPA groups meet throughout the United States. After joining RUPA, be sure to contact your RUPA Area Representative to access your local news and activities! Through our website and our RUPANEWS magazine, we will keep you posted about additional news involving the United Airlines Retired Pilots Foundation, the United Airlines Historical Foundation, and the Retired United Airlines Employees’ Association.