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bulletin_img1 bulletin_img2March 23rd, 2017

From: RUPA President Cort de Peyster

RUPA Members:

Our long standing stalwart Secretary Treasurer, Capt. Leon Scarbrough, has decided to retire after a decade at the helm of RUPA finances and membership data base.

Leon and I go back a half century as new hire classmates on the DC-6. He has not only been a close friend over the subsequent decades, but has been an invaluable asset to RUPA. Without Leon and our other invaluable stalwart, Capt. Cleve Spring, RUPA would not be the fine organization it is today. To say Leon will be sorely missed as our Secretary/Treasurer is a gross understatement. We wish Leon and his lovely wife, Vicki ,all the best in his retirement from the duties at RUPA.

The good news is that we have recruited an outstanding new Secretary/Treasurer nominated by the Executive Committee and approved through acclimation by the RUPA Board of Directors. We would like to introduce Capt. John C. Rains of Stowe, VT.

John is a former Air Force Vietnam combat fighter pilot, hired by UA in 1969 and furloughed for 7 years at which time he delved into the financial world as a stock broker. After the 1985 pilot’s strike, John earned his CFP certification and subsequently formed a financial planning firm as a back up to his flying career. John also served in the NY ANG with our VP Bob Engelman. He currently serves as treasurer of his local church in Stowe, so he is well versed in accounting.

RUPA is very fortunate to find such a great asset who has stepped up and volunteered on behalf of all of us. Thank you John and welcome to the RUPA Executive Committee.

Cort de Peyster

Retired United Pilots Association
Phyllis Cleveland, Eblast Coordinator
P.O. Box 400 Vineburg, CA 95487 -0400 bulletin_img3

bulletin_img1 bulletin_img2March 6th, 2017

RUPA Members:  Company travel news that may interest you!

“We’re expanding our relationship with ID90 Travel to give you more great discounts on hotels, cruises, resorts and rental cars when you travel for leisure.

It’s easy to book and save as much as 60 percent off. Simply click on the ID90 Travel banner in employeeRES when you make your space-available travel plans (You may have already noticed it on the left nav under “My ePass Balances”). You can see what discounts are available at your destination or search for exclusive rates at more than 380,000 destinations worldwide.

Additionally, when you make a space-available reservation in employeeRES, you will receive an automatic email from ID90 Travel with the best discounts available at your destination. Don’t worry, ID90T is not saving, selling or using your personal information in any way. If you change your mind, you may opt out of these emails at any time by selecting “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email.

These discounts apply to employees and retirees, as well as any of their travel eligible pass riders. Please note ID90 Travel may not be used to book hotels for business travel.

ID90’s services are top-notch and it offers competitive pricing. Best of all, ID90 Travel’s customer service team is just a phone call or e-mail away — and the team consistently maintains a 90 percent or higher satisfaction rating, so we know you’ll be taken care of.

Call toll free at 1-877-298-5233 or send an email to customersupport@id90travel.com.

Check out our ID90 Travel FAQs for more information.”


Retired United Pilots Association
Phyllis Cleveland, Eblast Coordinator
P.O. Box 400 Vineburg, CA 95487 -0400 bulletin_img3

bulletin_img1 bulletin_img2

December 12th, 2016

Miscellaneous Notes on Flying Together from RUPA President Cort de Peyster:

The “MyIDTravelPurchase” link is hard to find! It is buried in the “Other Airline” page on Flying Together>Travel.

The same is true for the “Book” link for buying a “myUAdiscount” ticket; it is buried on the “myUAdiscount” page on Flying Together>Travel.

If you have a smartphone or tablet link your MileagePlus number with your “employeeRES” profile so you can use the “United APP” to book both standby and “myUAdiscount” tickets. (Cort reports it is much easier than using “employeeRES” and it is mobile – big advantage when traveling.)

However, until the “United APP” is capable of connecting to “myIDTravelPurchase”, if you want “Other Airline” tickets you still have to go to FlyingTogether>Travel>OtherAirline-InterlineTravel and click on the elusive “MyIDTravelPurchase” link there then sign-in again!

Happy Holidays and wishing all a very happy and healthy 2017!

Retired United Pilots Association
Phyllis Cleveland, Eblast Coordinator
P.O. Box 400 Vineburg, CA 95487 -0400 bulletin_img3


bulletin_img1 bulletin_img2October 3rd, 2016

RUPA Members: Latest news from Kirk Moore!

Retiree Association of Flight Attendants

Pass Travel UPDATE September 29, 2016

In this issue:
1) Open Enrollments for retirees
2) UPL no longer automated
3) Other Airlines: Embargoes & more
4) Star Companions, clarified
5) Recent news from United

After October 2nd you can view this UPDATE on our website: http://www.rafa-cwa.org

1) Open Enrollments for retirees

For 2017 Healthcare: October 31-November 11, 2016 on “YBR”. Access via FlyingTogether>EmployeeServices>Benefits>YBR (Your Benefits Resources).

For 2017 Enrolled Friends: Will be announced in December, 2016. Access via FlyingTogether>Travel> “Update pass riders and buddies”.

2) United Pass Line is no longer automated
United Pass Line automation has been discontinued. Now, when you call the UPL (Direct from the US dial 866-359-3727, from International dial 713-324-7277) you will always be transferred to a reservation agent. A $25 fee will be charged to make a new booking or to change an existing booking’s class of service (FC, BC, Y), pass type (Personal, Vacation) or Origin/Destination. However, there is no charge if you call to cancel a booking or to change a travel listing’s date or time (with same city pair).

RAFA recommends retirees learn how to list, change and cancel their pass travel for free using employeeRES on Flying Together or on mobile devices using the United app.
To use the United app for pass travel and myUAdiscount travel you must be a MileagePlus member and link your MP number in your employeeRES Profile; click this link to find out how: http://www.rafa-cwa.org/Use-Uniteds-app-for-travel

3) Other Airlines: Important notices
• Alitalia (AZ) Alitalia (AZ) has informed UA that access to AZ flights using MyIDTravelPurchase will be unavailable from Monday October 14, 2016 – Tuesday October 18, 2016. This outage is due to Alitalia’s system conversion from ARCO to SABRE. Bookings, changes, and refunds will not be available during this outage.
• Turkish Airlines (TK) Downgrade Refunds. Since April 15, 2016 TK has been unable to issue refunds on cabin downgrades. This is due to technical problems with TK’s system.

The Employee Travel Center hopes to have ALL ticketing for Other Airlines moved to the MyIDTravelPurchase website by the end of this year; we will no longer be using the ID90 website.
Note: for security reasons, the only way to access MyIDTravelPurchase is via signing into Flying Together>Travel>OtherAirline-InterlineTravel>MyIDTravelPurchase.

4) Star Companion Passes, clarified
Each year employees/retirees are allowed 8 “Travel Partner” passes (aka Star Companions) that can be used on 6 Star Alliance Carriers to accompany up to 2 companions on a flight. The carriers are: Air Canada, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian, Swiss International, and TAP Air Portugal. Rules:
1) The employee/retiree must accompany their Travel Partner(s) on all flights.
2) Each Travel Partner ticket is charged at the HIGH ZED fare.
3) Each Travel Partner pass is good for a roundtrip; if used for only one-way, one pass is used up.
4) If you book A>B>C you may stay at B as long as you like before continuing to C on one pass.
5) We do not get 8 passes per airline, but rather 8 shared among all the carriers per year; unused passes do not roll-over to the next year.
If using the ID90T website, “Travel Partners”/”Star Companions” are called “Buddies”.
Note: If buying a “Star Companion” ticket for your Enrolled Friend on myIDTravelPurchase or ID90T, you CANNOT simply select them from your list of eligible pass riders, you must write their name(s) in as a “Travel Partner” or “Buddy”.
All of this information is available in #2 on our RAFA webpage about Other Airlines:

5) “Recent News” on Flying Together>News
Click the “Recent News” link above to see other stories. Here are some you might like:
08/12: UA flight attendants ratify contract
08/17: Day of boarding passes req’d for club entry
08/18: New leaders at UAL
08/29: Oscar: Scott Kirby is new United President
09/01: EWR-Cuba service launches November 29th
09/07: Omaha, Fort Wayne, Chattanooga service
09/11: We remember September 11th
09/22: New Polaris Business Class info/rollout.

6) Have you seen our RAFA website?
Check out the Travel Benefits tab here: http://www.rafa-cwa.org
Read the Pass Travel Program Summary, helpful links, phone numbers and more.
For other Pass Travel Topics: Previous Travel UPDATES
Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee September 28, 2016

Thank you Kirk!

Retired United Pilots Association
Phyllis Cleveland, Eblast Coordinator
P.O. Box 400 Vineburg, CA 95487 -0400 bulletin_img3

bulletin_img1 bulletin_img2May 13th, 2016

RUPA Members: Latest travel information from CONU.

Effective June 1, 2016, like all revenue customers, leisure space-available travel departing from Toronto (YYZ), including but not limited to vacation, personal, buddy and jumpseat, will be subject to a 25 CAD AIF (Airport Improvement Fee) plus the 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). These fees and taxes can be payroll deducted (if applicable) or pre-paid with a credit card during the booking process. Employees traveling for company business will remain exempt.

We will place a message on the home page of employeeRES under News and Announcements, a route message when booking from YYZ
and in the advisory section of the Travel tab in the coming week.

As always, thank you for your support and have a safe and wonderful weekend! 

Michelle Pritchett
Employee Travel Policy and Procedures Representative, Human Resources

Retired United Pilots Association
Phyllis Cleveland, Eblast Coordinator
P.O. Box 400 Vineburg, CA 95487 -0400 bulletin_img3




March 16th, 2016

RUPA Members: This is Kirk Moore’s travel updates for March! I suggest you make a copy of this eblast and keep it with your travel papers – who could remember all these details!

RetireeAssociation of FlightAttendants

Pass Travel UPDATE                                March 15, 2016  

In this issue:

1)    Having trouble adding your 2016 Enrolled Friends?
2)    Employee Buddies can fly Intl unaccompanied this summer
3)    Hot tip: 20% off onboard Econ+ upgrade
4)    Fly standby on Other Airlines with ZED tickets
5)    Recent news from United

1)  Trouble adding your 2016 Enrolled Friends?
(Many thanks to Kathy Torgison, RUAEA Pass Travel Expert, for this information!)

Go to FlyingTogether>Travel>click on the blue box that says “Update pass riders and buddies”. If you already enrolled your EFs for 2016 (by December 30, 2015 or recently) then they are yours until 1/1/2017**.

However, a problem is appearing now for those who “unchecked” friend(s) and wanted to wait until after Jan 1, 2016 to decide who they want to enroll.

The “old” friends show up on their current page showing “Inactive” status, rather than just blank slots. If you click “Add Dependent or Pass Rider” at the top of the page and begin to type in your new EF’s name, the “relationship” box will not contain the option “Enrolled Friend”; only son, daughter, spouse, etc. You first have to formally remove the inactive person’s name(s) to free up that slot.

Click the little purple “i” button, to the left of your inactive EF, look in the “Detail Summary” box below and click “Remove Dependent”, then click “Save” on the next screen. Once your inactive EF(s) are removed, then the “Relationship” box will show the “Enrolled Friend” option so you may add your 2016 EF(s).

** If you already enrolled your 2016 EFs, they cannot be replaced until Open Enrollment in December. However, you may revoke their flying privileges at any time by clicking on the purple “i” button and then choosing “Deactivate Pass Travel”. If you do that they can no longer use passes, but you still cannot replace them until Open Enrollment in December when you choose new EFs who will be able to fly beginning January 1, 2017.

2) Buddies will be able to fly unaccompanied this summer worldwide!

Note from RAFA: Retirees do not have buddies, we have two annual Enrolled Friends. Retirees’unaccompanied eligible pass riders (parents, children, Enrolled Friends) board at SA3V (when using vacation passes) or SA4P (on personal passes). Employees’unaccompanied buddies will board at SA6F (extended family buddies) or SA7U (regular buddies). In other words, retirees and their eligible pass riders will be boarded before any unaccompanied buddies are boarded.

Posted in United Daily March 3, 2106:
Beginning this summer, employees’ registered buddies will again be able to travel worldwide without being accompanied by you or your eligible pass riders. This is yet another example of ways we’re listening to our employees and making changes that are meaningful to them.

“We know that part of gaining the trust of our employees is to demonstrate trust in them,” said Total Rewards VP Anthony Scattone. “The privilege of pass travel is part of what makes working for an airline so special and unique, and we’re excited to bring back this privilege for our employees.”

Last year, we implemented a policy restricting this type of travel due to fraudulent activity and strain on our operation during IRROPs. However, our HR and Airport Operations teams have developed ways to manage those challenges so that we can restore an aspect of pass travel that our employees and their registered buddies appreciate.

When the new policy allowing unaccompanied buddy pass travel outside of the contiguous 48 United States is implemented, we will require the buddy’s driver’s license or passport to be submitted when registering them in your travel profile. As in the past, we will also embargo unaccompanied buddy pass travel to certain locations during certain time periods to help our operations continue to run smoothly.

“As a global airline, we provide opportunities for people across the world to travel,” said Operations Leadership and Engagement VP Jill Eshbaugh. “It’s important that our global and diverse workforce has that same opportunity and can share it with their family and friends.”

This change will take effect this summer, after our IT team completes adjustments in the employeeRES and buddy registration systems. In the meantime, our current policy requiring regular buddies to be accompanied outside the 48 contiguous United States remains in place. We will provide detailed instructions for buddy travel outside of the contiguous 48 United States as soon as the systems are ready. We appreciate your patience — stay tuned to Flying Together for further details.

3) myUAdiscount riders can get 20% off onboard upgrade to Econ+

If you buy confirmed seats in Y using myUAdiscount, you can get 20% off the price to upgrade into Economy Plus if you purchase the upgradeonboard from a flight attendant. However, if you upgrade at check-in or at the gate you will not get the 20% discount.

Note: if you are flying space available and there are EconomyPlus seats open when your name is called in seniority order at the gate, you should be given a seat in that cabin for free. Therefore, if you are flying on a myUAdiscount confirmed seat and want to upgrade to EconomyPlus, but there are lots of standbys that may take all the empty seats, you may want to forgo the 20% discount, and upgrade at check-in or at the gate.

Employees/retirees now receive 20% off all inflight purchases including EconomyPlus upgrades. Check the Dec 3, 2015 United Daily article for more info here. Read all about the myUAdiscount program on: FlyingTogether>Travel>myUAdiscountProgram. Also, read item #2 in theFebruary 2016 RAFA Pass Travel UPDATE.

4) Fly Standby on Other Airlines with ZED (Zonal Employee Discount) tickets!

Read RAFA’s “Four steps to worldwide interline travel”: www.rafa-cwa.org/page-1836104

But what happens if you get bumped? If you’re not accommodated on a flight with your ZED ticket, talk with the gate agents or go to airline ticket counter. Depending on that carrier’s operating policy, they may be able to roll you over to the next flight (same destination). Usually the roll-over is not automatic, you must request it.

If you’re bumped off the last flight of the day or you want to change origin/destination, you’ll have to buy a new ZED ticket.

Etickets purchased on UA016 stock are valid for 90 days.

If the original ZED ticket was purchased on ID90T, go back to ID90T to request a refund. If the original ZED ticket was purchased on MyIDTravel, go back to MyIDTravel to request a refund.

The ETC is pushing to have all ZED tickets on MyIDTravel by the end of March.

5) “Recent News” on Flying Together>News:

Click the “Recent News” link above and scroll to the date posted to read each story in detail.

02/11: The power of Pan Am routes, 30 years later
02/15: Service to Australia in 2016: all 787s
02/16: Dispatchers sign tentative agreement, Mechanics do not ratify theirs
02/16: Historic agreement with USA-CUBA to reinstitute air travel
02/17: Flight Attendants now have electronic manuals
02/18: US-Japan agree on 5 more slots at Haneda for US routes
02/23: All female flight helps launch uIMPACT chapter
02/24: BOS lobby refresh from employee feedback
03/01: First 727’s final flight (also see our Seattle council page)
03/02: Support United’s Cuba application!
03/03: Unaccompanied Buddies can soon fly outside 48 states (see #2 above)
03/04: Improved uniforms are coming!
03/08: UAL BOD proxy fight, Oscar says: “Let’s Stay Focused”
03/08: Fleet update: hello new 737s, bye-bye 747s, 787 order is modified
03/08: Huangzhou to be the fifth mainland China city we serve
03/09: Big Metal Bird visits SFMC
03/10: Joint venture between UA and NZ
03/11: Our first bio-fuel flight takes off from LAX
03/11: CBS This Morning features all-female crew on United flight
03/14: Oscar Munoz: “I’m back full time and ready to soar”

6) Have you seen our RAFA website?
Check out the Travel Benefits tab here: http://www.rafa-cwa.org

Compiled by Kirk Moore,
RAFA Travel Benefits Committee 3/15/2016

Thank you Kirk!

Retired United Pilots Association
Phyllis Cleveland, Eblast Coordinator
P.O. Box 400 Vineburg, CA 95487 -0400



bulletin_img1 bulletin_img2February 1st, 2016

RUPA Members: New from CONU

Dear retiree newsletter group leader, Starting today employees and retirees will be taken to the newly redesigned united.com when booking myUAdiscount tickets. Feel free to post the company approved verbiage below to your newsletters and/or newsletter websites. As always, thank you for your continued support. Have a great rest of the week! ”Book your myUAdiscount tickets with new united.com Employees and retirees will now experience the newly redesigned united.com when shopping for myUAdiscount tickets. You will continue to access the discounted tickets by clicking the Book link on the myUAdiscount page of the Travel tab on Flying Together. Once on the new united.com site, you’ll begin by entering your desired cities and dates of travel. Check out additional search preferences, like connecting cities you’d prefer to avoid. Once your results page appears, you’ll see new tools like “expanded” view of flight results or “list” view to see more flights at-a-glance. Interact with our filters to slide for departure/arrival times, check off connecting airports or even choose the inflight experience like choosing a flight with Wi-Fi.” Thank you, Michelle Michelle Pritchett Employee Travel Policy and Procedures Representative, Human Resources

Retired United Pilots Association
Phyllis Cleveland, Eblast Coordinator
P.O. Box 400 Vineburg, CA 95487 -0400 bulletin_img3


11/11/15 – ZED travel moves to one platform; new airlines being added We have begun transitioning all of our other-airline ZED agreements to the myIDTravel platform. Not only will this give you a one-stop, streamlined process, but you will be able to view flight statuses with happy, sad or neutral face indicators, see the policies and procedures from the other airlines and request a refund, all within the same tool. (If a particular carrier doesn’t use myIDTravel, you will still be able to buy tickets through the tool, though you won’t be able to view their loads.) With this new tool we recently introduced our first Brazilian carrier for pass travel, Azul (AD), and have reinstated agreements with Scandinavian Airlines (SK) and Air France (AF). Two new carriers—Virgin Australia (VA) and Virgin America (VX)—are coming by year-end; we’ll be reinstating Hong Kong Express (UO); and we are negotiating with additional carriers to give you even more travel options. In 2016 we will be reviewing all our travel agreements with the intention of adding business cabin whenever possible. However, some carriers don’t offer business class to their own employees and therefore can’t provide it to us.


7/14/15 – Login credentials for the United Pass Line The United Pass Line (UPL) allows employees and retirees to create bookings, check Passenger Boarding Totals (PBT) and check ePass balances through a voice response phone system.   When an employee or retiree calls the UPL they will now be asked for their six-digit uID number  and password of the last four-digits of their social security number, which has changed from a five-digit subsidiary Continental ID number (if applicable) and the birth date as the password. Please note:  All employee applications now accept a six- digit uID number. We understand while some applications still accept a five-digit subsidiary Continental ID number, it is strongly recommended to begin using your uID.   In the near future (date still to be determined) the sunset of subsidiary Continental ID numbers will occur.

Application ID number to use to log in with Password
Flying Together Six-digit uID number No change
employeeRES Six-digit uID number No change
mobileRES Six-digit uID number No change
United Pass Line Six-digit uID number Last four of your social security number
My Info Six-digit uID number No change

To find your uID if you don’t know it:

  1. Go to the Flying Together homepage.
  2. Move your mouse over your name at the top of the screen:  Welcome “Your Name”.

3.     View your uID on the pop-up. 7/1/15 – Questionable pass charges There have been instances where retirees traveling on a pass felt they were charged fees which did not seem to be in accordance with our pass travel policies. Anyone  who is charged a fee for travel that they do not believe is proper should notify the Employee Travel Center at email ETC@united.com, phone is 877-825-3729 and/or the payroll deduction center at EPC@united.com. Keep in mind that even though fees and charges are waived for coach travel for all employees and retirees and for first/business class for those with more than 25 years service, certain fees, charges and taxes may be charged to the pass traveler for international travel. If there is a question about any of these charges the employee travel center or the payroll deduction center should be able to help. An explanation of how these charges may be applied is contained on the United flying together website ( http://flyingtogether@ual.com) under the Travel section (found in the blue banner at the top of the Home page), Travel Policies then Fees, charges and taxes. NOTE: All pass riders, regardless of seniority, have to pay departure taxes and fees. These usually accrue when departing foreign countries. You can determine such charges before listing by using the Pass Calculator in employeeRES>QuickLinks.